Opening of Time Capsule – Class of 1988

Opening of Time Capsule – Class of 1988

As declared on the plaque, the Time Capsule buried by the Class of 1998 was opened on Monday 20 March 2017. Mr Paul Sjogren, TAS Principal, pictured above, explores the contents of the time capsule with Class of 1998 representatives from left Julie-ann Brown, James Lidstone, Marty Webb, Tyson Clarke and Stewart Clyde-Smith. Many items contained were personal contributions from students and their families. It is our wish that these items be returned to these families to celebrate the opening of the capsule. If you recognise any of the items listed below, or recall some photos that you donated, please contact Sue Wicks, Director of Admissions and Marketing by email at or by phoning White Rock Campus on 07 4036 8111.

Above: Marty Webb, Tyson Clark and James Lidstone, students from Class of 1998, assist with pulling the time capsule from its place of rest.

The contents include quite a number of personal photos, which are available for inspection. Unfortunately, some were damaged from their time in the capsule, but many retained their original condition. We would be delighted to see these photos returned to their homes.

The information submitted by May Hubbard, Secretary to the Principal Fr Peter Laurence, shared with us that Petrol was 69.9c per litre; The Nanny was listed as a favourite TV program; and Savage Garden were one of the popular singing groups. She has provided an interesting document sharing news about her family, together with more local and world news of the day.


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